Avoid getting your polymer clay jewelry wet. Avoid using harsh chemicals, perfume, hair spray, jewelry cleaner, and other cleaning products on your polymer clay pieces.

To clean your polymer clay jewelry use a damp, clean cloth or a damp cotton ear swab to wipe your piece down. You may also use a small amount of acetone to wipe down the surface of your earring.

*DO NOT* use acetone if your piece is hand painted, contains gold leaf, or covered in a varnish or resin.

If your piece is hand painted, varnished, or covered in resin, use a baby wipe and gently clean the surface.

Many of our pieces contain brass. As to the nature of brass, it will tarnish over time. Water WILL also tarnish brass. Use a clean baby wipe or Brasso metal polish to clean brass elements.

If your earring has a thick shiny look to it, it is covered in resin. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as this could yellow the piece. Do not soak in water and do not use harsh chemicals. You may use a clean, damp cloth along with mild dish soap to clean resin covered pieces.

April 29, 2021 — Samantha Walker